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As the founder of Do What Works, my goal is to take the best practices and lessons I learned from working with Fortune 500 companies and bring them to the mid-size market and help our clients grow their business.
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8 min read
SEO - May 9, 2019

How to tell if your SEO strategy is working: 3-year case study

You want to drive qualified traffic to your website. I know I do.
3 min read
Sales Enablement - Jan 22, 2019

The New Sales Funnel: How B2B buyers make purchasing decisions

  Attention Sales: Today’s B2B buyers spend about 60% of their time identifying their problem, exploring...
4 min read
Sales Enablement - Jan 11, 2019

Hubspot vs Wordpress:  How to decide by answering just one question.

Full disclosure: we are a Hubspot partner. But don’t let that stop you from reading why we firmly believe...
6 min read
Manufacturing Marketing and Sales - Dec 5, 2018

Manufacturing Content Marketing Benchmarks - 2019

This year’s manufacturing report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) shows that there are some...
2 min read
Business Strategy - Jun 28, 2018

Why Retainers Work Better for Us and our Clients

One of the fundamental changes we made to our business model in 2018 was a shift from one-off projects to...
3 min read
Manufacturing Marketing and Sales - Jun 18, 2018

5 Reasons to use E-commerce for your Manufacturing Website

When designing your manufacturing website, selecting an e-commerce platform can save you a significant...
4 min read
Manufacturing Marketing and Sales - May 29, 2018

Marketing 101 for Manufacturing Companies

When it comes to manufacturing companies, creating blog articles and marketing content can be tricky...
4 min read
Business Strategy - Mar 26, 2018

Learn How to do Proactive Prospecting the Right Way

We do inbound marketing; we don’t need to go out and proactively prospect for new clients! Just like in...
5 min read
Manufacturing Marketing and Sales - Feb 6, 2018

Manufacturing Content Marketing Benchmarks - 2018

Every year the Content Marketing Institute releases its annual benchmark report on the manufacturing...
5 min read
Web Design - Jan 5, 2018

HotJar: ATool for Increasing the Number of Leads from your Website

Is your website bringing in the leads you need? If not, one of the reasons could be that you haven’t...
3 min read
Web Design - Dec 27, 2017

Three Reasons Why Your B2B Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly

If you are frustrated because your marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you’re looking for, one...
7 min read
Business Strategy - Oct 24, 2017

Three Life Lessons I Learned From My Black Belt Test

For this article, I wanted to share with you my personal experience of preparing for and taking my black...
4 min read
Web Design - Oct 23, 2017

Web Design Trends

As we enter into the 4th quarter of 2017, I’m going to make a couple of predictions on web design trends...
6 min read
Marketing Strategy - Oct 11, 2017

Should You In-House or Outsource Your Marketing?

Whether you should outsource your marketing is one of those questions that just about every company...
4 min read
Marketing Strategy - Oct 5, 2017

Why Thought Leadership is the New Secret Sauce

Companies who believe that they have a special feature or technique that makes them unique or provides a...
5 min read
Marketing Strategy - Sep 27, 2017

How much should I spend on marketing? (Updated for 2020)

As part of your annual budgeting, planning and forecasting process, one of the key items that you should...
4 min read
SEO - Sep 5, 2017

How Has SEO Changed?

As we approach the end of 2017, one trend is perfectly clear: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), has...
2 min read
Manufacturing Marketing and Sales - Aug 31, 2017

What Your B2B Buyers Want on a Manufacturing Website

In the past, manufacturing companies could have a simple website that was basically a digital business...
3 min read
Blogging - Aug 28, 2017

How Blogging Helps Sales Prospecting

Prospecting can be a daunting task. But, fortunately, there is a way to help your sales team to send out...
3 min read
Marketing Mistakes - Aug 15, 2017

Marketing Mistakes: The Lazy Copy and Paste

We’ve all been there.  Maybe you had a tough day and it’s 10 o’clock at night; maybe you ran out of...
5 min read
Marketing to Millennials - Aug 8, 2017

How to Market to Millennials

To my fellow Gen Xers (born 1965-1980) and my wiser Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), The Millennials (born...
4 min read
Web Design - Jul 24, 2017

How Much Does a Website Cost?

As most experienced project managers know, there are three constraints to manage: Cost, Scope and Time.   ...
4 min read
Web Design - Jul 14, 2017

Types of Web Design Companies

Most mid-sized companies recognize that their website is one of their most important digital assets. It is...